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Address St George's Hospital, Blackshaw Road, London, SW17 0QT  |  020 8725 4627

Professional Background

Neurological Expertise

Dr Lozsadi studied medicine and was awarded a D. Phil. degree at the University of Oxford. During her neurology training she gained experience and developed an interest in epilepsy at the Walton Centre (Liverpool) and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (UCL, London). She has been employed as an NHS consultant neurologist, epileptologist for over ten years, previously attached to King’s College Hospital, and presently employed by St George’s University Hospital Foundation Trust (London).

She has subspecialist interest in epilepsy, with extensive experience in initial assessment of transient loss of consciousness, as well as medical and presurgical management of treatment resistant epilepsy. 

Research interests include myoclonus, sleep in epilepsy, new EEG recording techniques and cardiac changes associated with seizures / epilepsy.



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Dr Lozsadi has the following professional affilliations:

  • Hon. Senior Lecturer, St George’s University (London)
  • Member of Wimbledon Neurocare 
  • Fellow of the Dept of Human Anatomy, University Of Oxford
  • Alumni University of Oxford

Dr Lozsadi is a member of:

Association of British Neurologists

Association of British Neurologists

The Association aims to support the provision of neurological services and to promote training and understanding.

Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of Physicians

Provides a good-practice framework for physicians, safeguarding the interests of patients.

International League Against Epilepsy

International League Against Epilepsy

The International League Against Epilepsy promotes education about Epilepsy and its treatment and prevention across the world.


Specialist Interests

Dr Lozsadi was awarded a D.Phil. for studies on thalamo-cortical circuits. This basic research project evolved into an interest in abnormal brain network activities leading to epileptic seizures. Over the last 15 years her clinical training and experience covered all aspects of general neurology with a special focus on epilepsy.

Specialist interests include initial assessment of transient loss of consciousness, ongoing care of patients with epilepsy and management of complex / treatment resistant epilepsy. Dr Lozsadi has additional interest in myoclonus, new EEG recording techniques, and sleep in epilepsy.